Add a new lab partner

Learn how to add another lab partner to your existing SpecCheck account.

Updated over a week ago

Adding a new lab partner to your SpecCheck account is easy! Follow the simple steps below.

1. Click on 'Help'

The Help button is located in the lower lefthand corner.

2. Select 'Add an Additional Lab'

From the Help Center that will appear on the left hand side of your screen, select Add Additional Lab.

3. Input Lab Information

The information requested is Lab Name, Account Number, and a recent Invoice Number within the last 30 days.

If successful...

A success modal will appear in the upper right hand corner letting you know the lab has been added to your account and no further steps are required! Click here to learn more about how to switch between different labs all from one SpecCheck account.

If unsuccessful...

If SpecCheck is unable to validate your account number or invoice number, a failure modal will appear letting you know the validation failed. If this issue persists, please reach out directly to your lab partner to have them add you on the backend.

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